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In 2002, Česká spořitelna established Česká spořitelna Foundation aimed to help people living at the edge of society and to support social housing. In the same year, termination of anonymous saving books was announced in conjunction with new legislation. Česká spořitelna extended the legal obligation to withdraw the money from these saving books by four additional years. Nevertheless, almost 1.8 billion crowns were left in these anonymous accounts. Spořitelna decided to transfer this money to the newly established Depositum Bonum Foundation, which was education-oriented from the very beginning.

Both foundations coexisted until 2018 and were officially merged in 2019. Česká spořitelna Foundation remains primarily focused on the field of education and promotion of enterprising spirit in the civil sector. Moreover, Foundation awards eminent personalities annually for contributing in very significant ways to the field of education. Our laureates are for example academician Jana Straková; joint author of Hejný method (H-mat) for teaching mathematics Milan Hejný; publicist and populizer of educational topics Tomáš Feřtek, or Arnošt Veselý who conducted a professional debate on state education strategy till 2030 in 2019.


Česká spořitelna Foundation founded


Depositum Bonum Foundation founded


Merger of foundations

How we cooperate with Česká spořitelna

Common objective - prosperity and healthy society. Cooperation with Spořitelna and its employees is essential to us. Together we believe that the road to prosperity is paved with healthy cooperating society and education. We help develop donorship and philanthropy of the employees - we cooperate on grant programmes in which the employees can apply for aid for projects cultivating community life at their place of residence. Together with VIA Foundation, we administer and multiply donation appeals of employees on portal darujme.cz, we organise inspiring events, where the employees of the bank have the opportunity to meet personalities from by us supported organisations.

Last but not least, the Foundation also financially helps employees in straitened circumstances. Together with Social banking of Česká spořitelna, we develop so-called accelerator programs - SIA, IFFRIN. Participants selected for these programmes receive universal support based on mentoring, training and sharing experience with other participants. Together with Česká spořitelna, we wish to contribute to promoting financial and digital literacy of children. May it be in the form of further developing of unique the educational program of Česká spořitelnaMoney Alphabet, or by establishing cooperative relationships with organisations in this field in the Czech Republic.

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The founder of the Foundation is Česká spořitelna

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