Česká spořitelna Foundation

Registered Office: Prague 4, Olbrachtova 62 čp. 1929, CZ – 14000
Legal Form: Foundation
Corporate ID: 265 06 980

The Foundation’s principal purpose is to:

The Foundation’s registered capital: CZK 501,000,000

Nadace Česke spořitelny (hereinafter the ‘Foundation’) was established by Česka spořitelna, a.s. in 2002 (registered by the Foundation Register of the Municipal Court in Prague under Section and File N 433)

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Mission statement

Česká spořitelna Foundation has a clearly defined strategy and mission closely tied to the corporate CSR strategy of its founder. Its purpose is to help the society to address problems related to ageing, drug addictions and social integration of people with mental handicaps.

Healthy and Active Ageing

Our foundation

After retiring from professional life, Czech seniors often unduly live on the imaginary edge of society. Our Foundation strives to remove the elderly from isolation and convince others that age is not a barrier to learning, growing and living a quality life of being active and independent. This is evident in senior citizens’ growing interest in further education, learning languages or mastering electronic communication.

Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse

Our foundation

Substance abuse is a serious problem in Czech society. Although most people find it reproachable and would prefer to turn a blind eye to it, the Česká spořitelna Foundation took an opposite stance. We decided to fight this persistent phenomenon systematically – by long-term dedicated support to both the prevention of risky behaviour, as well as active support to organizations offering treatment and aftercare.

Social Integration of People with Mental Handicaps

Our foundation supports projects which

We believe that by targeted support to organisations that provide professional care to this socially handicapped group, we can contribute to substantial change in quality of their life, improve their dignity and independence as well as their integration into society.

Our long term partners

SANANIM is a non-profit organization, which has been working to prevent and treat substance abuse since 1990. It provides complex services to people dealing with addiction and their families, such as outreach programs, a Contact Centre, specialized outpatient services (CADAS), the therapeutic communities Karlov and Heřmaň, a day care centre, an aftercare centre, an aftercare centre for mothers with children, a consulting centre for parents, an agency for employment, social and legal services, and a drug information centre.

Drop In is a non-governmental healthcare organization focusing on out-patient contacts, first aid, counselling and substance abuse therapy as part of its Centre for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction. Drop In runs several programs which include: a methadone substitution centre, a low threshold centre, a family centre, an aftercare centre and a mobile street program focused on establishing new contacts, counselling and minimizing health and social risks among population affected by non-alcoholic substance abuse.

Podané ruce (Extended Hands) Since its establishment in 1991, this non-governmental, non-profit organization offers prevention, treatment and professional help to those dealing with substance abuse and addictive behaviour. Its manufacturing workshop Eikón offers occupational and work therapy where clients undergo an activation program lasting several months. The protected workshop prepares them to re-enter the labour market and reintegrate back into society, and reduces the chances of relapse.

Charita ČR (Charity Czech Republic) is the country’s largest non-governmental social and health care services provider. The organization is also a major contributor of humanitarian aid. One of its key charity projects is the Epiphany (Three Kings) public-fund raising which helps hundreds of sick, senior citizens and people in social need each year. The Charity runs more than 200 charitable facilities and nursing homes – for seniors, single mothers, etc. It provides shelter and aid to the homeless, the seriously ill and physically and mentally handicapped children and adults.

Nadační fond Livie a Václava Klausových (Endowment Fund of Livie and Václav Klaus) supports individual and corporate humanitarian activities dedicated primarily to social and health care projects and education. Since 2007, our joint project Seniors Communicate offers seniors throughout the country a chance to gain computer skills and learn about payment cards and internet banking. The project’s target group is seniors who have not had the opportunity to get acquainted with modern channels of communication.

Život 90 (Life 90) is a civic association which offers humanitarian services for the elderly and runs its own senior home “PORTUS” in Prague. The home is a unique model of community care offering information and consultancy centre, a theatre, a senior academy, a diet cafeteria, laundry service, a disabled transportation service and much more. It also provides an Emergency Care, a 365 day/24 hour Senior Help Line, a crisis hotline for seniors, and a special portal seniorum.cz which offers comprehensive and up-to-date information and answers to questions relating to ageing. It is designed to help not only seniors but also those who care for them.

Palata is a home for the visually impaired which offers accommodation to those who have to learn to live with visual handicaps developed in older age, and who need highly specialized and professional care so that they could eventually return home and live a quality life. At present, Palata is responding to the changing needs and structure of its clients by introducing new services to clients with combined handicaps – sight impediments and dementia.

Auritus – the Center for People Jeopardized by Drugs is a low-threshold organization under Parish Charity in Tábor offering primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of substance abuse. It comprises a Contact Center for the first “street” contact with drug users, establishing thus contact, trust and relationship for further therapy leading to abstinence. Our Foundation contributes funds for medical material and food program for the Contact Center.

Ad Hominem built the first special out-patient dental practice for highly infectious patients, mostly from the socially marginalized groups and drug addicts. Such dental care is very specific and costly as treating these patients requires expensive hygienic precautions, single-use dental aids and tools and special stomatology equipment. Our Foundation provides funding to Ad Hominem to cover part of these material costs from our regular contributions.

Renarkon, o.p.s. provides a complex range of services in prevention and treatment of non-alcoholic drug addictions and re-socialization programs for the entire North Moravian region. The donation from Česká spořitelna´s Foundation goes to improvement of quality of services to Renarkon’s clients, in particular to structured leisure time activities, work therapy and employment.

The Ceramic and Art Studio Koněšín, o.p.s. is a social enterprise that opened as part of the aftercare program of Circle of Life, o.p.s., a long-term partner of our Foundation. While Circle of Life continues to provide an exclusive therapy program to drug addicts, the studio employs adults who have already completed their treatment. It works with them on their individual development and re-qualification specializing in hand made pottery, original marionettes and related crafts, such as woodcarving, plaster casting and modelling. The studio runs its own gallery KRUH in Třebíč, which also employs its clients. Our contribution is used for financing of machinery and equipment for the Art Studio.

Sue Ryder - Domov Sue Ryder - our foundation entered into partnership with Sue Ryder in 2014 by contributing to their senior residential care program. Some 90% of these clients suffer motoric system disorders and are dependent on wheelchairs and compensation aids. Their average age is 87. Our contributions went specifically to special care provided by a team of trained physiotherapists and ergotherapists, to purchase of compensation aids helping improve or preserve motoric abilities and self-sufficiency of Sue Ryder´s clients and recently to supportive team supervisions that serve as an effective tool fighting the burnout syndrome among the professional staff.

Hospice of St. Zdislava focuses on care of the incurably ill and their families in the Liberec area. It wants the last days of the dying to be dignified and painless, spent among their loved ones. Its Hospice Outreach Care helps to free the dying clients from pain and suffering as much as possible by using mobile medical equipment in their homes. Our contribution helped finance - among other things - a new car for the 24 hour/7 day outreach hospice, salaries of the outreach nurses, and costs of the hospice´s laundry services.

The Vítej… (Welcome) Community Centre in Hřebeč near Kladno runs sheltered housing and a sheltered workshop for adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders, offering them a permanent home fully adapted to meet their specific needs. The Centre opened a bakery as part of the social therapy workshop - its routine and repetitive activity is particularly suitable for autistic people. It provides them with a sense of safety and enables them to use their skills in meaningful activity. Our foundation funds the professionally trained personal assistants who help clients develop working skills necessary for the work in the bakery.

The Ledovec (Iceberg) Civic Association provides psycho-social support to people with mental illnesses and disorders that is based on motivation and support in their vital roles. Ledovec helps start up social firms where people with handicaps can find constantly motivating jobs. Currently – also thanks to the contribution from our Foundation – it is reconstructing the nearby Ledec Mill where milling technology and farming, animal breeding and traditional handicrafts (such as the processing of fruit, flax and wool, baking, weaving, basket weaving and cheese-making) are being restored and where Ledovec clients will find permanent and meaningful jobs.

Neratov Civic Association had renovated the deserted borderland village of Neratov where it constructed a home for people with mental disorders and created jobs in eight sheltered workshops for more than 100 disabled people. These are jobs in farming and rural handicrafts such as weaving, pottery and basket-weaving, gardening and cleaning services, clearing of snow, sheep breeding, etc. Our foundation contributes funds to improvement of security and quality of life and services provided by Neratov to its clients.

The Pardubice SVÍTÁNÍ Vocational School - its mission is to provide children with combined disorders with an education and services aimed at developing their personality and integrating them into community based on their individual needs and capabilities. The School is working hard to employ its graduates on the open labour market in transition programs “We want to work too...!” and “Practical start in life...” where they prepare for jobs, obtain working habits, meet assigned tasks depending on the level of their disability and receive remuneration for their work. Clients of the Transit Program recently work in the Česká spořitelna Vinice Administrative Center in Pardubice. They are supported by assistants paid from our foundation who help clients gain social and working skills, take care of their safety and plan, organize and check if the tasks are met properly and guide them gradually towards maximum self-sufficiency.

Fosa, o.p.s. reintegrates socially disadvantaged people, (especially people with mental disorders and brain injuries) and helps them achieve the maximum possible level of self-sufficiency. It fulfils its mission, among other things, by organizing professional self-sufficiency training sessions. During these exercises clients try “to function” without the support of their relatives, learn to manage their own money, do their own shopping, prepare food or communicate actively. Through various tasks and experience activities they acquire new information and experience required for daily life. Our contributions help cover Fosa’s expenses for these self-sufficiency trainings.

Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren the second largest charity organisation in the Czech Republic. Diakonia is our partner in the care for people with mental disorders; in our joint projects we strive to ensure that this target group lives a full-fledged and dignified way of life to the greatest extent possible. Our joint projects include: the Good Will Charity Shop in Tábor (opened in June 2015) which provides sheltered jobs for 12 people with mental or physical handicaps and the Klobouk Restaurant in Terezín (opened in June 2016) - a sheltered and social therapy workplace employing 16 mentally and/or physically handicapped.

Find more information about our projects in our Annual Report.